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"I would like to take a few minutes and say a Thank you for the amazing assistance Riyad Chowdhury has provided for Katie and the​OneDrive disabling project. We had faced lot of hurdles during the course of the project and Riyad was flexible , determined and assisted us thoroughly in accomplishing our requirements. DHS really appreciates your assistance. It’s a pleasure working with you. Thanks once again!!!" - Srikar Kotturu, DHS, 9/6/2019

"One thing I’ll say is your whole team, especially Trina Zanow, were amazing! I can’t tell you how thankful I am she tried to help as late as she did. She truly went above and beyond." Mike Woicekowski, DOA, 8/28/2019 -  in regards to recovering files. ​

"Yesterday I was able to stuff and mail the General Service Bill because of the exceptional help of Shelly Kurtz and Majorie Wolf. These two ladies stuck with me as we matched back-up to 289 invoices and put these invoices into Inter-D and regular envelopes with labels and hauled them into be mailed. Last month was the first month that I had worked on the production of the GSB so my experience was very limit​ed. Shelly and Majorie’s knowledge level of the billing system made yesterday very productive. It was not until we were almost done did I realize that this was their first time stuffing and mailing the General Service Bill. I would not have known this by their very professional actions. These two ladies are the best!" Denise Jackson, DEO, 8/16/2019

"I want to thank our Sunday Saviors after the blackout. Unsurprisingly, without even being asked, Marty and Nancy came in Sunday to ease the Monday fallout. Because of this, we discovered that some of our networking equipment fried during the outage. Marty wisely called DAIT right away when the printers weren’t working, and Kevin Kern and Aaron Rasmussen at DAIT gave up their Sunday to replace the equipment. Had they not done this, a large portion of our computers and printers would have been unable to connect to the network and Monday would have been a nightmare. Thank you so much to all of you for going above and beyond." Amanda Nehmer, Dane County District Attorney’s Office, 7/29/2019

"The DAIT Team did a phenomenal job helping us navigate the power outage at the Outagamie County Justice Center yesterday!  I’m happy to say the power is back and we’ve returned to our offices.  In addition to having to navigate the email issue and aftermath of the Madison explosion Friday, your staff worked with us and County IT to problem solve a few issues over the course of the day and made sure we could continue to do our work.  We were able to get all our in custodies and warrants taken care of, notify victims and witnesses of cancelled court and did some other work, as well.  DAIT deserves a HUGE thank you for their excellence and professionalism in helping us navigate a challenging situation! It was much appreciated by our entire office!" Mindy Tempelis, Outagamie County District Attorney’s Office​, 7/23/2019

"Susan Deets, thank you for your professionalism, organization, and pleasant demeanor in the Oracle migration project. These are all very helpful!" - Michael Payne, DHS, 6/26/2019

"Dave Armstrong and Abhishek MaratI personally wanted to thank you both for your help as we prepared for our WI Lottery website rollout. You both went above and beyond, in my opinion, in getting my requests and other items that I hit you with accomplished and resolved. As a result, we had a relatively painless rollout. Many of you at DET don’t always get the credit you deserve. I appreciate your efforts! Thank you again." - John Doris, DOR, 6/7/2019​

​"Judy Gollaway, just wanted to reach out and let you know that the move is complete and went smoothly. I also wanted to make sure you knew how excellent Todd Palmer and Rick Lance were from your team – I really appreciate the rush you guys put on this and the professionalism involved ... thank you again." In reference to BadgerNet - Sam Olson, Dane County, 5/17/2019

"Patty Landin, thank you for shepherding these renewals through the process.  You have been doing a fantastic job.  I’m sure all the manager’s here appreciate how much work you have taken off our plates.  Thank you!" - Laura Radke, DOA, 4/4/2019

"Yesterday our state employees were targeted as part of a malware campaign. The Bureau of Security's team (Ron Last) responded quickly to the threat and blocked the incoming emails. The people behind this campaign have changed tactics and we are currently working on blocking their new approach. Thank you for your assistance in keeping the DOJ systems safe." - Michael Hemberger, DOJ, 3/27/2019

"I just wanted to state that I really appreciate Greg Laubmeier and all the work he is doing with the P&P staff on this process. I feel that he is really listening and doing his best to reflect in the process diagrams what everyone wants in Dharma. From my perspective and the numerous conversations we’ve had regarding these diagrams, he is very dedicated to listening and really attempting to understand what we are telling him we need. I think he has been an excellent and important addition to this process." - Brenda Reinke, Hearings and Appeals, 2/21/2019

"Sue Munro, Naveen Arra, and Venkatesh Koritala all did a fabulous job yesterday. The OD067 database migration went so smoothly!!!  Thank you for all the planning and hard work you put into this. Only 21 more to go… :^) I feel so fortunate to have you all working on this team!! A big heart felt thanks!!" - Robin Skierka, DOT, 1/25/2019

"Kevin Kern has been up here replacing our server and desktops.  I just want to say that he has been terrific!  He’s very patient and thorough, and I greatly appreciate that.  Many thanks to DAIT in general, too… you’re awesome to work with!" - Katie Thurmes, St. Croix Co District Attorney's Office, 1/18/2019

"I write to express my great appreciation for the amazing customer service I have received from Paul Stiennon several times. Regardless of the challenge, he has been nothing less than stellar, exhibiting excellent interpersonal communication skills, empathy, hard work, attentiveness, perseverance, and follow up. This is in contrast to the less than helpful experience I recently had with a representative at the Wisconsin Help Desk who had to look up answers to questions and may have even caused problems Paul had to troubleshoot (that's just my analysis – not something Paul said or hinted at). Thank goodness for Paul." - Dominic Holt, DNR, 12/13/2018

"I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how lucky we are to have Chris Henson around. This morning he helped me with a major snafu, and saved us weeks of downtime with a wireless solution that ensured readiness for our maintenance staff at hill farms. Thank you Chris!!" - Tony Rodrigues, DOA, 12/7/2018

"Hi Folks.  This evening’s changes were successful and have resolved this current wave of issues.  I wanted to say thank you again for the service we keep receiving regarding these EHR last minute network, firewall, WAP and switch requests.  Each of our numerous ‘priority’ requests has been handled professionally, with positivity and most importantly successfully.  Specific shoutouts go to Linda Bonjour, Pete Wegman, and Bob Runte.  The DHS EHR project would not be where we are today without their help.  Thanks so much!" - -JD Urfer, DHS, 11/1/2018

"eSLA went live yesterday. Let that sink in. That was an incredible day and what an amazing feeling to see people using the new system. For the first time in the long history of this Department, people were able to obtain trades credentials online and submit, schedule, and pay for a POWTS plan review online. That should give all of us pause at the momentous nature of that moment in time. To make this more astonishing, it was accomplished in four months. We went from nothing to a working product in four months. That is delivering quick and effective solutions to our customers to make their lives (and ours) easier. Yet, none of this would be possible without your hard work and late nights. Not only those of you who worked directly on eSLA, but those of you that had to pick up extra work to keep our legacy systems running at the Department. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that hard work and time away from your families. I am so proud to have been a part of this project with you. The Department and I could not have asked for more." - Zachary Hetfield, DSPS, 10/30/2018, To Bachan Dhakhwa, Naveen Aindla, Jennifer Fleishman, Gene Hilpert, Zacharia Kejo, Anvesh Raavi, Vignesh Suyambu, Ravali Tadakamadla, Nicholas Veech and Praveen Yadavalli

"I’d like to recognize you (Debra Earl) and Shelia Roznos for your extra efforts in helping me with this project, every time I requested an update or had a question you both were there for me. I also appreciate your efforts in listening to my recommendations/comments during the project." - Keith Waier, DOT, 10/25/2018, In regards to BadgerNet transformation 

"Thanks Debra Earl.  I think we can consider the DNR implementation to be a complete success.  I have to thank Wayne for steering the ship from this side, and then also I need to thank the entire DET team.  Everyone was great to work with, and the team was able to address any DNR concerns along the way.  Let’s do it again some day! Thanks again!" - Doug Foreman, DNR, 10/25/2018

"Thank you, Debra Earl! We are excited to be 100% converted to the new BadgerNet. Particularly good is our upgrades from 1.5 Mb/sec to 6! Congratulations to you and your team for getting us here!" - Nathan Harper, DOC, 10/23/2018

"I wanted to pass on to you and your team (Marguerite Seamonson, Robert Beck, Ben Banks, Todd Palmer, Greg Younkin, and Rick Kopf) that we had a very successful Disaster Recovery Test of the DHS METS Application.  I am amazed that we were actually able to pull it off as there were several moments throughout where success seemed elusive. I want to acknowledge and thank the WI team for its contribution and helping us achieve success, including overcoming a few hurdles experienced during this project.  I can’t say enough good things about the support, flexibility and responsiveness your team provided throughout this project.  Beginning with reviewing the JPA’s and having them signed off, to providing resources to help coordinate for onboarding MNIT, to configuration of the WAN, electrical, network, rack and floor space, to making us feel welcome while onsite at your data center. While there was not enough time between install and configuration of the Exadata to fully replicate, the DB team was able to create databases which allowed teams to restore systems, start applications and services, and demonstrate connectivity between sub systems. This success represents a significant improvement over previous exercises and generated excitement and confidence among the technical teams in our ability to restore such a large and complex application. With the test completed we will be wrapping up the project portion of this effort and moving into an operational status. We still have a good amount of work to follow up on and  operationalize, and will continue to coordinate with your team as we transition and wrap up a few outstanding items. Thanks again to you and your team for helping us to find success in supporting our Department of Human Services customer." - Sam Sharp, OIS, 10/22/2018

"Matt Korda, the binders look amazing, thank you to you and your team for working through our madness!  You guys are the best! Thank you and thank you!" - Charlene Smith, PSC, 9/26/2018

"Dear Pete AndersonThank you very much for the time and patience setting up my new phone. Things seem to be working." - Doug La Follette, Secretary of State, 9/23/2018

"Joe Cruz and Linda Barth...just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that signing up my new staff for fleet VUA etc. was great! All I had to do was find and show the portal, and they registered and I got an email notification when they were signed up. So great! That used to involve paper, people and time back in the day...Thanks for making this improvement!" - Lisa Dally, DPM, 9/20/2018

"Craig Robertson has been absolutely on top of all my issues, every day following up with me to make sure the issues were resolved and his customer service skills were fantastic! He was very understanding in trying to accommodate a time to work on my issue give the dynamics of our busy office. Time constraints were not an issue. He should get a raise! His humor was helpful to elevate the stress of the issue." - Jacqueline Pohlman, Rock County District Attorney's Office, 9/11/2018

"I wanted to thank the entire DET Security Team for your assistance and partnership that lead to a successful Primary on Tuesday!  The additional monitoring that DET provides as well as the change freezes in place for the enterprise are of critical importance and very much appreciated.  Also, yesterday Bill Nash and others on DET provided us with very timely and effective assistance with an issue we were experiencing.  Bill also assisted us the night before the election in responding to a suspicious incident.  You have a great team over there!  We are very grateful for your continued partnership and leadership in prioritizing election security." -  Meagan Wolfe, Elections Commission, 8/16/2018

"I echo her warm comments about you and your team.  Great work." - Major General Donald Dunbar, DMA, 8/16/2018 

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know what an asset EFM (DET Collaboration Solutions Team) has been just in the past two weeks. We have an opportunity to potentially avoid a large increase in Law Enforcement vehicles by analyzing the MY19 purchase requests from all of the Agencies. This was quickly achieved due to the efficiencies the system creates in reporting which includes expanded information detail that is now located with each vehicle. By having this system, it saved me an estimated 8+ hours – in the past we would run report and contact the Agencies to double check the information. Now due to the programing and systematic approach, there are less errors – and it also assist the Fleet Managers to accurately enter the information. I just utilized the system again this morning to quickly provide information to Upper Management – and wanted to reach out to say “Thank You” for the work and collaboration your team has done. The efficiencies of this system – are being appreciated/recognized every day!" - Leann McGowan, DOA, 8/13/2018.

"There have been numerous occasions where I have contacted the staff at DET (Tenzin Ngawang, John Widdicombe, and Jeff Pitel) and created tickets to resolve various issues.  Each and every time I have received extremely helpful ideas and solutions.  Just recently an issue came up where I wanted to only use IBM utilities to load data in DB2 and have issues with it in the past that forced me to use the NGT utility.  Turns out after working with the DB2 staff there, I was able to take a 16 hour process and perform it in 1 hour using IBM utilities.  To say the least I was elated with the results.  I went from loading a full production size data in our test regions from a 24 hour process to 3 ½ hours.  This is just one of many examples of receiving bountiful resolutions and I thought I would take the time to send a note of appreciation." - Connie Nederman, ETF, 8/7/2018.

“There have been numerous occasions where I have contacted the staff at DET and created tickets to resolve various issues.  Each and every time I have received extremely helpful ideas and solutions.  Just recently an issue came up where I wanted to only use IBM utilities to load data in DB2 and have issues with it in the past that forced me to use the NGT utility.  Turns out after working with the DB2 staff there, I was able to take a 16 hour process and perform it in 1 hour using IBM utilities.  To say the least I was elated with the results.  I went from loading a full production size data in our test regions from a 24 hour process to 3 ½ hours.  This is just one of many examples of receiving bountiful resolutions and I thought I would take the time to send a note of appreciation.” - A database administrator at ETF, 8/10/2018.

"Thank you for the comprehensive response Kevin Ray.  I really appreciate it!" - Melissa Berger, DCF, 7/30/2018, in regards to mainframe usage. 

"I want to send out a huge thank you on behalf of the Madison Police Department.  The DOA/BPAD once again, went above and beyond with the assistance and documents provided regarding the scanline issue and it did not go unnoticed!  The excellent customer service we have received from day one working with the DOA will not be forgotten and is appreciated by all of us here. In the past whenever there has been any type of question or issue regarding our notices, Bruce Goodman and everyone involved, has been extremely responsive and always helped out and that speaks volumes for the character of the DOA and its’ employees.  Thank you. Kind regards." -  Jamie Doyle, City of Madison Police Department, 7/26/2018

"A considerable honorable mention and well deserved thank-you is warranted for Jeelani Kamal, Venkat Panugunti, and Jeff Mortimer in providing exceptional technical support and skill responding to DOT’s DMV QFLOW SQL server upgrade requests and activity occurring over the last several weeks.     After a very long road of failed QFLOW upgrade progress in the past, the right combination of team members including Jeelani, Venkat, and Jeff  has led to a confidence level high enough to approve targeting a  production implementation date of July 29th.   DOT (DMV & BITS) is grateful for this support and anticipate that QFLOW is pathed toward a very successful completion." - James Knuth, DOT, 7/11/2018

"Just wanted to say thanks again for everyone’s help over the weekend – the extra effort is appreciated.  A special thanks to our friends over at DET (Susan Deets and Narsa Nootipalli) that got us up and running with no issues on the platform-side at all.  This is a testament to the design, testing and remediation done in the non-prod environments the past few months; addressing all problems found and preventing them from occurring in PROD during this final phase! With ETF’s appreciation, DET can close the JDK upgrade SRs as complete." - Mike McNutt, ETF, 6/25/2018

"I am writing to thank Matthew Korda and everyone involved in the printing and preparation of the Booklets and Name Badges for the Wisconsin Gaming Regulators Association Conference earlier this month. The booklets and badges looked great and worked out perfectly for the Conference attendees. I was very appreciative of your patience and guidance throughout the process and look forward to working with you on future printing requests." - Marsha Dake, DOA, 6/21/2018

"David Cagigal, Eric Esser and Andrea MagermansThe NIC Pennsylvania portal recently had a conversation with their state’s PDMP program staff.  During that conversation they stated, “Wisconsin’s PDMP is the gold standard for PDMPs that every PDMP Administrator in America wants.”  I already knew how awesome it was, but the word is definitely out!   Huge kudos to you & your teams on creating something so revolutionary! Again, thanks for the opportunity to partner and bring your vision to life!  - Nicole Randol, WIN, 6/20/2018

"A very special thanks to DET (Troy Olson and Tony Kochel) for their rapid response and thoroughness on this issue; they helped avert a potential crisis." - Sherman Mulberry, STAR, 6/19/2018, in regards to a transfer issue. 

"Heather Rem has been providing ETF with excellent service for our server hosting requests.  She has been working with us on the migration of our images from a DBFS database to encrypted Tintri storage.  She is also helping with our Proof of Concept for transitioning BAS/myETF support to DET.  Previously she worked extensively with us on BAS related requests.  Heather is always willing to work with us, answers all of our questions and provides helpful service and instruction when needed. Thank you for the excellent service!" - Lynn Richmond, ETF, 6/18/2018

"Thanks for your assistance with our OWCH Milwaukee Migration today, and OWCH Appleton Migration last Friday.  Pete Anderson was a marvel – he was very efficient and patient with our ten staff members and one visiting ALJ workstation migrations, and our hearts went out to him as he worked throughout the day, bringing in the new equipment; setting us up; and hauling our used CPUs away.  He answered our questions and assisted us with accessing systems. The same rave reviews were given by our three Appleton staff members. Greg  Laubmeier was also helpful to our Appleton staff in gaining access to needed systems and documents, and he used that experience to reduce our difficulties today. Thanks also to Julie Genske for helping us by phone this afternoon, and to our other migration group members who helped by phone and Skype with planning for the event, including Greg, Nia Trammell, Suzanne Xu, Elisabeth Gordon, Barb Hoffmeier, and Beth Nadolny.  We also thank Carla Whitley and Suzanne for working with the joint agency IT groups as well, and Brian Hayes and Hamdy Ezalarab for their support of the project. Eric and Greg, please convey our thanks to the DOA and DWD IT support and Help Desk staff for their assistance. Once again, thanks to Pete, for an exceptional job. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated." - Sherman C. Mitchell, DOA/DHA, 6/15/2018

"Also wanted to send kudos to Jim Retan!  He got this all together promptly, and did an awesome job.  Just another atta boy for your team. So much fun working with these guys!!!!" - Cindy Thorne, DOA, 6/12/2018

"Thank you for this update, Deb Earl! Much appreciated. This is more progress than we expected. I am pleased!" - Nathan Harper, DOC, 6/12/2018, in regards to BadgerNet status

"Thank you Troy Olson and your team for all your help this morning resolving this issue. It a takes a village to support these systems and I appreciate the expertise and willingness to help!" - John Deits, DCF, 6/8/2018, In regards to a Wi KIDS Outage

"Thanks, Matt Korda, the publication looks great!" - Nancy Warnecke, Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, 6/7/2018, in regards to the Opioid Publication

"The past few days Derrick Evans has repeatedly gone out of his way to provide outstanding service for DFDM on critical incidents/ requests on multiple occasions. Please nominate him on my behalf for any possible form of recognition DET bestows upon his employees.  We are extremely lucky to have him here!" - Tony Rodriguez, DOA, 5/31/2018

"I am BEYOND thrilled!!! KUDOS!!!!!" - Lisa Epple, DHS, 4/10/2018, to Susan Deets and Mindy Redington, in regards to organizing electronic case files for DHS

"Thanks team for your support and timely assistance in successfully migrating and testing the BPRS and ACE applications in WAS9 production." "Awesome!!  Thanks all for your hard work!" - Venkata Komanduri and Dave Hesse, DOT, 3/21/2018, to Susan Deets  

"I want to let you how phenomenal your IS team is…particularly Chad Hunt.  Every time I call the Help Desk for anything, they are right there to help me instantly. They are friendly, helpful and never make me feel incompetent or embarrassed for the questions that I ask.  Chad has helped me tremendously from huge fixes to the littlest and simplest of fixes. He has helped me when my own IS team would not give it their all, so to speak.  Today, I had a problem with printing from Protect in which my IS team told me that there was nothing they could do. Chad worked through it with me until the issue was resolved.  I felt that his time spent resolving my issue and his friendliness are worth mentioning. I just wanted you to know what an excellent team of people you have working for you." - Beth Stone, Sawyer County District Attorney's Office, 3/15/2018

"Thanks Sue Deets, to you and your team for all your help getting us moved over successfully.  We can finally call this project completely closed." - Ali Vang, ETF, 1/17/2018, in regards to disabling and transferring the old ETF VPN. 

"Gene Hilpert! Thank you so very much. The customer service from DET is excellent!" - Michelle Beasley, DSPS, 01/11/18

"Huge thanks to the DET team for pushing on AT&T relentlessly to get the circuit installed.  We knew from day 1 that this was one of the most impactful actions to the project." - Jennifer Mueller, DHS, 01/04/18, to Susan Deets

"Vignesh Suyambu has done a wonderful job helping get things back on track after the recent outage.  Vignesh can provide insight from the IT perspective... You do a great job Vig, with a very positive attitude, and I appreciate that very much." Glen Schlueter, DSPS, 01/03/18

 If you'd like to personally thank someone from our DET team, email Tom Bernd


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