Cyber Response Team Program

Cyber Response Teams ​

The Cyber Response Teams (CRT) strive for a safer, stronger environment for users by responding to major incidents, analyzing threats, and exchanging critical cybersecurity information​ with trusted partners. Specifically, The Cyber Response Teams collaborate on an ad hoc basis, participate in individual training, engage in CRT exercises, and act as mentors for future team members. It is a never ending battle with ​malicious actors but working with different teams and people, like you, only increases our chances of success. 


To protect Wisconsin’s infrastructure and critical systems from malicious attacks through prevention, detection, response, and recovery.


  1. Share real-time threat intelligence
  2. Train cyber defenders
  3. Deploy volunteers should a sector or entity need assistance
  4. Provide education and community outreach

Technical Skills

The CRT will develop technical skills to assist with:

  • Prevention: Pen Testing
  • Protection: Tools Techniques and Procedures
  • Mitigation: Backup Strategy/Systems
  • Response: Bench Strength
  • Recovery: Bringing systems back to normal

Contact Cyber Response Teams​

For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding CRT, please contact