Cyber Response Team Program (CRT)

Cyber Response Teams (CRT)

The Cyber Response Teams (CRT) strive for a safer, stronger environment for users by responding to major incidents, analyzing threats, and exchanging critical cybersecurity information with trusted partners. It is a never ending battle with malicious actors but working with different teams and people, like you, only increases our chances of success.

Through a grant provided by the Department of Homeland Security, this program provides a 100% reimbursement​ to train teams specifically to support local units of government in Wisconsin.  Individuals who are interested in joining the team​ must:

  1. Be employed in the IT or Information Security Field and;        
  2. Be able to pass a background check.        

The CRT will develop technical skills to assist with:

• Prevention: Pen Testing

• Protection: Tools Techniques and Procedures

• Mitigation: Backup Strategy/Systems

• Response: Bench Strength

• Recovery: Bringing systems back to normal


Currently, there are 3 CRTs:

  • Team 1: Southeast and East Central
  • Team 2: Northwest, Northeast, West Central
  • Team 3: Southwest

The teams:

  • Collaborate on an ad hoc basis
  • Participate in individual training
  • Participate in CRT exercises 
  • Act as mentors for future team members