DET Communication Listservs

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Listserv Menu Offering


In order to offer our customers a better means of notification, and DET​​ a more efficient and intuitive way to send it, DET has created a menu of Lyris Listservs.  Although originally envisioned for Change Management purposes, they may also be used for other types of important notices.

The rationale behind this menu offering and choosing a Listserve solution is that the technology will allow customers to subscribe and unsubscribe as desired, thereby striking their own balance between too much and too little information. The self-subscribe aspect of this approach also eliminates the risk of incorrect (sender) assumption about who might be interested in receiving notices about a particular type of technology.


Although email distribution lists (DLs) have been used successfully to convey change notices, there are literally hundreds of them to choose from and membership must be manually maintained.  Further, even if DL membership is current, not all the potential senders are aware of the DL names or possibly even of their existence.  Often times, when a DL does not exist, or can’t be found, the sender is left with no other choice than to create an ad-hoc list of whoever they think might want to know.  Unfortunately, that manual approach often leaves out some interested parties. 

Although it’s beyond the scope of this offering, it is possible that many of the current DL memberships may be subsequently converted to their applicable Listservs and then decommissioned and deleted. Until that happens, there will likely be a period in which some customers may receive duplicate notices.  Of course, If a DL is going to be decommissioned in favor of a Listserv, members will be contacted and, if applicable, given an opportunity and given instructions on how to migrate to the listserv.

Although the Listservs menu can easily be expanded in the future,  we need to be diligent and maintain a balance between too broad and too granular communication. 


To Subscribe: Simply click on the name of the Listserv you are interested in and click Send on the resulting email template: NO subject or content is needed on the subscription email.

To Unsubscribe: Go to the bottom of a message sent via the Listserv from which you wish to unsubscribe and click on the "To unsubscribe click here:" link and click YES to confirm.

To see List of available DET Communication Listservs and Subscribe, visit the DET Operations Communication page​.