DET Scorecard

​​DET Customer Service Survey Results

​​​​DET strives to provide our customers with the highest quality of services possible to meet their business needs.​ We take time to listen and clearly understand the ideas, positions, and needs of our customers. With respect and transparency, we consistently share the enterprise vision to create a platform for success. We do this by surveying our customers after every service request. Below is a scorecard on results from our surveys. 

Customer Service Survey Results​​ 2019​​ (Cherwell Incidents and Requests)

Customer Service Survey Results 2019

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DET Goals

​Through recommendations resulting from an internal operational assessment, and gathering feedback from DET employees and agency partners, in September 2018 DET developed a comprehensive set of goals and objectives for 2018-19. These goals are aligned to the overarching goal categories of the Department of Administration, which are as follows:

  1. Increase the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operations

  2. Innovate State Government

  3. Improve Customer Relations

  4. Develop our Workforce

  5. Ensure Safety and Security of Operations

  6. Promote Open and Transparent Government  

One of the specific DET goals is to create a new set of customer-facing accountability metrics, which will replace the previously published DET Scorecard. As those metrics are developed, they will be available on the DET Portal. Click below to see the full set of 2018-19 DET goals and the goals project dashboard for status updates on implementation efforts.  

DET Goals 
DET Goals Project Dashboard