Digital Content Management System


Digital Content Management System Service Offering Definition (SOD)

Digital Content Management System​ Roles and Responsibilities​


The Digital Content Management System (DCMS) service offering manages digital content such as documents, and image, e-mail, audio and video files and is comprised of the following applications: Content Manager (CM), Document Manager (DM), and Records Manager (RM). Content Manager is the foundation of the system and is the repository for storing any type of content and can be used as a stand alone service. Document Manager and Records Manager are add on components that are tightly integrated with Content Manager. These products allow additional advanced functionality for workflow and record retention. These services are available to users thru Web access. 


Charges include fees for data storage, document storage, and license fees.

The following charges are included on the Mainframe Billing System:

1. An annual user license cost.

2. Monthly charges include:

  • Usage based storage charges for Library Server and Resource Manager

  • A support charge that includes staff cost and server software license costs

Any additional cost for infrastructure servers needed by the agency is included on the Enterprise Billing System. Please see the DET Rate Sheet for complete rate information.

For more information please contact the Wisconsin Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at 608-264-9383.