Email Encryption


Enterprise Email Encryption Service Offering Definition (SOD) Links updated: 6/14/2018

Enterprise Email Encryption Roles and Responsibilities (RnR) Links updated: 6/14/2018


The Enterprise Email Encryption Service provides a security appliance platform to encrypt outgoing email.  Agencies can utilize the Email Encryption services to protect data that contains personal health information (PHI) or privacy information which is sent via email outside of the Enterprise email system. 

This service can be used by agencies who utilize the Enterprise Email Service or by agencies who manage their own email systems.

Components of this system include:

  • IronPort Appliance

  • CISCO Registered Envelope Services (CRES)

  • Desktop "Send Secure" Plug-in

Agency technical support staff provide support for the client-based e-mail component.


Price is based per user per year and will require a subscription period. Please see the DET Rate Sheet for complete rate information.