Instant Messaging & Collaboration (IMC) via SkypeFB


​Instant Messaging & Collaboration (IMC) via SkypeFB - Service Offering Definition (SO​D)​

Instant Messaging & Collaboration (IMC) via SkypeFB -​​ Roles and Responsibilities (RnR)​


Instant Messaging & Collaboration (IMC) is a Unified Communications service based on Microsoft Skype for Business (SkypeFB). SkypeFB connects people everywher​e, on Windows and other operating systems including mobile devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. SkypeFB provides a consistent, single client experience for web conferencing, presence, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer voice and video.


  • Instant Messaging

  • Presence

  • Peer-to-Peer Audio and Video calls

  • Web Conferencing

  • Dial-In Conferencing

  • Desktop Sharing

  • Meeting Tools (Whiteboard, Polling, Q&A)

  • Exchange Integration for Calendar

  • Multiple Clients (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)

  • Ability to connect with other entities using SkypeFB (Federation)


Please see the DET Rate Sheet for complete rate information.


For more information please contact the Wisconsin Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at 608-264-9383.