INSPIRE Communication

​INSPIRE Communication

​What is the INSPIRE Model of Communication?​

The INSPIRE model is a communication tool composed of seven words that generate proactive individual/team/customer communication and collaboration. Beginning with the first word of the model, "involvement," and ending with "excellence," each word is used as a guideline to generate specific behaviors that achieve positive individual and team results. 



  • How much time do you invest with customers/teams/individuals?
  • Specifically measure amount of desired interactions vs. actual
  • Create a roadmap or plan to achieve your goals of involvement with others


  • Focus on listening and "seeking to understand"
  • How often do you notice and compliment the good (not the negative)?


  • Specific items/processes/policies that are crucial for success
  • Ensure you know your key process and metrics, ask others to share their standards, and identify potential gaps


  • Sharing rational and purpose for standards or procedures
  • An opportunity to connect personally/professionally through respectful sharing of ideas/processes/beliefs 

I Can

  • Modeling a proactive, sincere attitude in verbal and written communication
  • As a team, create alternative process steps for escalation of customer requests outside policy or procedure


  • Identifying key metrics used to determine a desired result or success
  • Create a metric reporting process to follow progress


  • An opportunity to reflect on results, and identify potential INSPIRE process re-design or other opportunities
  • Take time to celebrate success and sincerely appreciate the team and individual contributions

​INSPIRE Self Assessments

Self-awareness and assessment can be very beneficial to individual evolution. Multiple studies demonstrate self-awareness can be very important in achieving collaborative results, providing insight to communication barriers, and can also build self-confidence by reinforcing current actions of success.

In a very fast-paced work environment, and while managing multiple priorities, there is value in taking a few moments to take a self-assessment. The two self-assessments below provide an opportunity for self-refection and assessment as you execute DET’s vision of being our customer’s service provider of choice.