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Microsoft 365 (M365) is a subscription-based cloud service that provides productivity software and related services for its users.  Microsoft is a subscription model and cloud-based delivery for all its productivity software applications, including its Office suite of products.  (Microsoft Office 365 has changed it's name to Microsoft 365 to incorporate the business subscriptions into the entire Microsoft family. Microsoft 365 still provides organizations with productivity and collaboration software, such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and Office.​)​

M365 is both a framework and platform in which Microsoft organizes its office desktop, mobile, and other applications that provide productivity services and enablement.  Microsoft currently integrates the features of those applications within M365 to varying degrees. 

​Enterprise Usage Guidance​

Collected Best Practices and Recommendations for the State of Wisconsin Microsoft 365 enterprise services.  Much of the content focuses on guidance topics for agency administrators of Microsoft 365 services.​​​


Office 365 SOD​ ​

Office 365 Agency Playbook (7/2/2018)

Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions (3/26/2020)

Email Administrator Guide (​4/10/2020)

Office 365 Licensing Process​ (8/20/2020)

Microsoft 365 Data Retention Technical Policy Announcement​

Microsoft 365 Da​ta Retention

Microsoft 365 Data Retention Policy Announcement FAQ

Microsoft Audio Conferencing Promotion ​​

Microsoft Teams Split Tunneling Communication​​

​​​Office 365 CAG Meeting​

O​ffice 365 Roadmap​

Microsoft Administrator Training

Specialized training links and information for those with a need to understand administrative services for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Live Events

​​Teams Live Events

Microsoft 365 Cloud Learning and References

Learning Paths​
Microsoft Cloud IT Architecture Resources
Microsoft HIPPA Compliance​
Microsoft Compliance Offerings​


Teams integrates capabilities of other Microsoft 365 features into a consolidated view for collaboration purposes.  It is highly flex​​ible and can be quickly configured to adapt to individual small or large group requirements.​

OneDrive is Microsoft 365 data file and content storage service that is intended primarily for individual users rather than​​ teams, OneDrive integrates with Microsoft so users can access Word, Excel and PowerP​oint documents. The system allows users to simultaneously edit documents, edit documents in browsers, and create and share folders.​

Enterprise Usage Guidance

Office 365 OneDrive SOD​ ​(9/16/2016)

OneDrive Roles and Responsibilities (9/16/2016)

​​OneDrive ​Additional Information​​ (4/10/2020)

Microsoft Online Training

OneDrive Core Training

​​Exchange is ​an email, calendaring, contact, scheduling and collaboration platform. It is designed to give users access to the messaging platform from mobile devices, desktops and web-based systems. ​

Enterprise Usage Guidance 

Office 365 Exchange Online SOD (9/16/2016)

Office 365 Exchange Online Roles and Responsibilities​ (9/16/2016)

Email and Calendar Additional Information (4/10/2020)​

Exchange Online Additional ​Information​​​​ (4/10/2020)

SharePoint is a document management and collaboration platform that helps manage archives, documents, reports and other content.

Enterprise Usage Guidance

Office 365 SharePoint Online SOD (9/16/2016)

M365 SharePoint​ Online Roles and Responsibilities​ ​(10/26/2020​)

Microsoft Online Training

SharePoint Core Training

Skype for Business is enterprise instant messaging software that is designed for use with  on-premises.

Enterprise Usage Guidance

​The Unified Communications service webpage has all enterprise Skype for Business information. ​​

Additional Training

The training links posted on this site are only a few of the many training opportunities available from Microsoft 365 and Teams.  Specialized training requests may be made through your M365 Administrator.

Requesting Microsoft​ 365 Services

DOA and DOA supported agencies should submit a service request related to DET enterprise services.  Agency M365 or Mail Administrators or Help Desk staff should submit service requests electronically via Cherwell using the selections: Service = Support Services and Sub-Service = O365 Enterprise. to receive the fastest routing and resolution of your request.  The Cherwell M365 request page has been enhanced to include a specifics form to allow you to select detailed categories of requests as well as allow you to provide a textual description.


If you have questions on Microsoft​ 365, please contact Joe Weisensel at