PMO Portfolio Project and Data Metrics

​​​PMO Project Portfolio

CIO Executive Dashboard - Projects 

This dashboard contains information about the projects identified within the DET IT project portfolio. The portfolio includes projects and operational services involving DET resources. The dashboard provides reports of the projects supporting the State Enterprise and those supporting various agencies.  It also includes reports of the status of the active DET managed projects;  a report based on project to Strategic Initiative alignment, and a listing of the projects by name for each agency. This Dashboard is refreshed weekly, every Sunday morning. 

CIO Executive Dashboard-Projects​

DET PMO Project Status Summary

The DET PMO Project Status Summary Dashboard contains information about the status of active, DET-led projects within the DET IT Project Portfolio. The pie charts contain subsets of the project information within the DET portfolio as noted. The list report at the bottom of the dashboard shows the most recent status comment for a project. 

​PMO Portfolio Data Metrics​

The PMO portfolio data metrics consists of DET projects managed or tracked by the Bureau of Technical Architecture and Project Management. These projects typically have enterprise wide impact, results in new or changing services,  or have a significant impact on IT operations. The PMO portfolio data metrics is a subset of all DET projects.  It does not include the operational and application development projects managed within the Bureau of Business Application Services, Bureau of Infrastructure Services, or Bureau of DAIT. 

​DET PMO Portfolio Projects Completed On Time -Results by Quarter

DET PMO Portfolio Cumulative On Time Performance (Rolling 12 Months)

DET PMO Portfolio Projects Completed On Time -Cumulative Performance (2015 to Present)

DET PMO Portfolio Project Health

DET PMO Portfolio Active Projects On Schedule

DET PMO Active Project Portfolio Strategic Initiative Alignment

DET PMO Overall Project Portfolio Strategic Initiative Alignment


Optimization Program

In Summary:

An optimized environment will generate further efficiencies in people, process and technology architecture and drive down overall IT infrastructure costs, while providing faster, more agile and higher quality IT services for business areas.

KPI Dashboard

The dashboard represents the prioritized key performance indicators for the optimization program and target metrics. To access the graphs click on the specific KPI in the dashboard that shows​ how far the metrics are above or below the pre-determined targets.

Updates as of May 31, 2017:

  • Updated DET data with actuals to date.
  • Incorporated DWD and DCF data as provided by agencies.
  • KPI 1 : Added agency software licensing as a separate lines in FY15.  From FY16 forward, the licensing was transferred to DET and is included in the DET lines.
  • KPI 2 : Updated DET service rates with FY18 changes.
  • KPI 3 : Added agency licensing, maintenance, and staff costs in new lines for FY15 through FY18.

Link to KPI Dashboard​​


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