Remote Mainframe Report Distribution


Remote Mainframe Report Distribution Service Offering Definition (SOD) Updated: March 23, 2018

Remote Mainframe Report Distribution Roles and Responsibilities (RnR) Updated: March 23, 2018


The Remote Mainframe Report Distribution Service provides a secure method to relay printable documents to users who do not have a dedicated State network connection or a State-managed router onsite providing a VPN connection. It is also useful for sites or users who do not have network-attached printers or a local print server.

Each user of this service will be assigned a mainframe JES2 output spool Uxxxx number destination as if this were a traditional printer, for instance U1234. Infoprint Server printer definitions will be set up to pull output from this location and also to spool print from CICS and IMS online applications as needed. A Control-D print mission will be set up to receive data from these Infoprint Server printer definitions, store them, and mark them as only viewable by the user's mainframe ID.

Users generate mainframe-based print requests as they would for any physical printer connection. The Infoprint Server takes the document and applies AFP formatting to create a PDF, which is placed in the mainframe queue for Control-D to pick up and store. Control-D makes the document available to the user who has been assigned to the mainframe U number destination. If access for other users is desired, submit service request (SR) to have this done.

The user logs in to Control-D/WebAccess and finds the document in their list of available documents. From here, they can do a direct print, open the document to view it and/or print it, or save the document.

The PDF files are printed directly from the user's desktop using the standard Windows printing interface, so any printer that works under Windows should be useable.


  • PDFs are printed locally using standard windows print mechanisms, enabling any printer model to be used.
  • Users can print to any printer attached to their desktops.
  • Local network setup and software downloads are not needed as documents are retrieved from Control-D/WebAccess.
  • No State network setup is required for users to access Control-D/WebAccess.
  • In many cases, this service is the most cost-effective method to relay print to counties and other agency partner organizations, especially for smaller groups of users.
  • Documents are encrypted in transport through an SSL connection between the user's web browser and the Control-D/WebAccess server.
  • The service allows easy access to retrieve documents for printing for agencies, mobile users, and users who are guests on other organizations' networks.
  • Control-D/WebAccess employs the user's existing mainframe credentials so that no additional login IDs are needed.


Please see the DET Rate Sheet for complete rate information.


Submit a service request to remove users who no longer need this service to avoid being billed for inactive users.


For more information please contact the Wisconsin Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at 608-264-9383.​