Unified Communications

Enterprise Skype for Business (Unified Communications)

SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (Skype4B) is a Unified Communications (UC) service that connects people everywhere - on Windows as well as other operating systems and platforms, including most mobile devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. It provides a consistent, single-client experience for Presence, Instant Messaging, User-to-User Voice and Video, as well as a great meeting experience. Skype for Business also delivers seamless and secure integration with other Microsoft collaboration products such as Outlook, SharePoint and Office applications.

There will be three Skype for Business offerings available to the Agencies:

  • AT&T Hosted Skype For Business Basic Profile (VoIP only)
  • AT&T Hosted Skype For Business Enhanced Profile (Full UC with VoIP)
  • Skype for Business Online Provided by Microsoft on the Office 365 platform (Full UC with no VoIP)

Both of the AT&T Hosted service options include Enterprise Voice (VoIP) capabilities that will be the replacement for our current Enterprise Centrex Telephony service. The Agencies can choose which option they would like each of their users set up on, but if the user requires Telephony services with Skype4B, they must be set up on one of the AT&T Hosted Skype4B service options. The AT&T Hosted Skype4B Enhanced Profile service also includes the ability to set up Skype4B Meetings with Dial-in access numbers.

Get started here!

Are you an agency looking to get started with Unified Communications? Follow these steps below to get started!

B. Start Here

Follow Onboarding Checklist to achieve these goals 4 months before Migration.

  1. Follow the Onboarding Checklist
  2. SharePoint Site Access
  3. Site readiness check
  4. License Validation
  5. Initial meeting with AT&T
  6. Onboarding Workbook
  7. Special Requirements
  8. Identify AT&T Change Order items

C. Migration Preparation

Pre-Migration steps that should occur 45-90 days in advance of migration. See the Onboarding Checklist for step details.

  1. Prepare equipment orders
  2. Submit completed Onboarding Workbook
  3. Order additional hardware
  4. Skype for Business project kickoff
  5. AT&T Change Order and Porting LOA (Diagram)
  6. Prepare Special Requirements / Response Group Preparation
  7. Refine Onboarding Workbook
  8. Training
  9. Receive phones and other hardware
  10. VoIP Setup - Collect hardware MAC Addresses
  11. VoIP Setup - Enable UM (Voicemail)
  1. VoIP Setup - Move user accounts
  2. VoIP Setup - Provide subnet information to AT&T
  3. Request FOC date
  4. VoIP Setup - Desktop setup for Enhanced Profiles
  5. VoIP Setup - Physical phone connectivity
  6. VoIP - Update phone firmware
  7. VoIP Setup - Hunt / Response group configuration in S4B
  8. VoIP Setup - AT&T Staging of Accounts
  9. VoIP Setup - Pre-Migration outbound call testing
  10. FOC date provided by AT&T

D. Migration

4 PM on FOC date. See the Onboarding Checklist for step details.

  1. Porting at 4 PM
  2. Day 1 - Testing and Validation
E. Post-Migration

See the Onboarding Checklist for step details.

  1. Review and understand Day 2 support - AT&T tickets require additional detail
  2. AT&T starts billing
  3. Cancel Centrex
  4. Cancel Unity Voicemail
  5. Cancel / Disconnect Century Link long distance
  6. Disconnect old phones
  7. 911 physical address in Skype
  8. Lessons Learned
  9. Project Close
  10. Post Migration Billing Review