Virtel Web Access

About Virtel

Virtel is a terminal emulator that will be replacing Host On-Demand at the State. As was previously communicated, the replacement of HOD by Virtel Web Access primarily focused upon, but was not limited to:

  • Ease of use – Similar interface to HOD, but without the restriction of the JAVA JRE requirement of HOD.

  • Security – elimination of java requirements in order to enhance security since numerous security exposures have been identified in java requiring ongoing updates and patching

  • Browser-based – eliminates the need for any downloaded software (i.e. Thin client rather than a Thick client), avoiding additional maintenance and complexity of think clients.

  • Cost – to reduce on-going reoccurring costs of the product or application.

Virtel Web Access has been licensed by the State of Wisconsin to provide the mainframe terminal access functions since it met the requirements.  Factors which led to the selection of Virtel include:

  • This product has no PC prerequisites such as JAVA or any other software products to execute on your PC.

  • Browser-based – It is completely browser-based, so as long as you have a browser and internet access, no other software is required on your Operation system to run the emulator.

  • Cost – Virtel Web Access is drastically more cost-effective than HOD.

  • And it has been tested by a group of people from multiple agencies and application areas to ensure compatibility and functionality when accessing mainframe applications

About Virtel

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Why does my enter key not work?
Answer: In version 4.58 of Virtel, the default mapping of certain keys were changed. Please review this document for details; Keymnap Settings in VIRTEL

How can I create Hotspots or links on the mainframe?
Answer: Open the Virtel Settings dialog box and navigate to the Miscellaneous Tab. Check the Display URL hotspots checkbox.

Why does my editor overlap the number column with my cut/paste using the mouse and CTRL+C/CTRL+V?
Answer: Open the Virtel settings and navigate to the Miscellaneous Tab. Make sure that the Map Ctrl+V to Paste by Typing is not checked.

How do I determine the version of Virtel I am using?
Answer: The Virtel version is displayed on the right side of the Virtel toolbar.

Why does my mouse wheel not scroll the mainframe page up and down?
Answer: This feature is not available in Virtel.

What do I do if my question isn’t answered in the FAQ’s?
Answer: Please follow your normal procedures to open incidents and service requests.

Why are certain characters not displaying on my screen?
Answer: Please check and make sure you are not using the LIBERATION MONO font. This font is known not to work with Virtel. You can change the font in Virtel’s settings “Display” tab. After changing the font, remember to click the save button to save your changes.

Special note about user settings: If you use the auto-capture​ feature under Miscellaneous settings, please be aware that it can slow down your response time significantly.

Recently, we have some customers that experienced the Virtel application “lock up” or freeze.
Solution 1: To exit out of what seems to be a lock-up or freeze situation, you can try to move the cursor with your keyboard, (eg.up/down arrows) or your mouse to location that allows keystroke entries. Continue typing as you would normally do.
Solution 2:​ You can set the ESC key to the Reset option. To do this;

  1. First, open your Virtel settings screen (with the Icon that looks like a gear).
  2. The screen that displays should be labelled “Virtel Web Access Settings”.
  3. Select the “Key Mappings” tab.
  4. Under the “General keys” drop down, set the “Escape” key to “Reset”.
  5. Click the “Save” button in the lower left corner.
So, the next time your screen “locks up” or freezes, you can use the ESC key to release the keyboard, make sure you are in a location that accepts keystrokes, and continue typing.