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Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand skills in the market today, and this demand will only get stronger. By 2021, experts predict the IT security industry will have a shortage of 1.8 million employees! We are more vulnerable to cyber hacks and attacks than ever before, and our communities and businesses are counting on cyber professionals to protect and defend our digital world.

Start your journey by completing these two FREE cyber courses! When you have completed either course, you will recieve a certificate.

Intro to Cybersecurity-Learn about cyber trends, threats and

how to stay safe in cyberspace to protect personal and company data.

Cybersecurity Essentials-Get foundational knowledge around

information, systems and network security, cybersecurity ethics and

laws, as well as defense mitigation techniques to protect businesses.

Bulletins from US Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Weekly Vulnerability Bulletins - US-CERT

Resources for Cybersecurity Information

​Krebs On Security - Security News and Investigation

US-CERT General Tips and Publications 

CIS Critical Security Controls

Stay Safe Online - National Cyber Security Alliance

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Identity Theft - IMMEDIATE STEPS - Video

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