Lean Government Initiative in DET

​​Background information

What is Lean? Lean is a continuous improvement philosophy in which staff, managers, customers, and other stakeholders work together to map and analyze current processes in order to identify and eliminate waste. Some common examples of waste in government processes include filling out unnecessary forms, waiting for approvals, and searching for missing information. By removing these kinds of waste from processes, Lean initiatives result in improved customer satisfaction, faster turnaround times, and increased employee morale.

DET began conducting Lean projects in 2013 and continues to promote these initiatives throughout the division.

Click here to learn more about the State of Wisconsin Lean Government Program.

In September 2018, DET established a division-wide goal to identify and lean out processes that need improvement by Oct. 1, 2019.  By that date, each bureau will complete at least one official Lean project and each section will complete at least one Lean lite project. As these efforts progress, this page will updated to reflect results.

For more information regarding the status of current and previous DET Lean projects, please click here.

If you have any other questions about DET Lean projects, please John Pribek (608-261-8405, John.Pribek@wisconsin.gov) or the DET Policy Office (DOADETPolicyOffice@wisconsin.gov).