Enterprise IT Security Awareness Training

State of Wisconsin – Enterprise IT Security Awareness (EITS-A) training program

​Our State's computer systems provide the essential functions we need to run state government, and any compromise to the integrity of these systems carries a significant impact to the citizens of Wisconsin.  While we hear about cyberattacks in the news, we should also be aware as employees of the increasing number of cyber threats made against our own organization. This is why the Department of Administration will be participating in the State of Wisconsin - Enterprise IT Security Awareness (EITS-A) training program. 

While we have robust systems to help detect and protect against these threats, you are the last line of defense as it only takes one click of an email or link to pose a real risk. Our goal is to ensure you are well trained in cybersecurity concepts and practices, and the Enterprise IT Security online cybersecurity training will help you understand the steps to take going forward in protecting our systems.

One training module will be featured every other month. Each training module takes around 10-12 minutes to complete. You can complete the modules every other month, as featured, or at a faster pace by completing one or more sessions at a time. (Note: Training completion will be tracked by featured subject.)

To complete the trainings: 

Go to https://starelm.wi.gov

Log in using your standard IAM user name and password, which is the same as your enterprise email login.

If you have questions about the State of Wisconsin - Enterprise IT Security Awareness Training, please contact: