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Authorized Users

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Wisconsin statutes (s. 16.73, Wis. Stats.) establish authority to allow Wisconsin municipalities to purchase from state contracts.  Participating in the service gives vendors opportunities for additional sales without additional bidding.  Municipalities use the service to expedite purchases.  A "municipality" is defined as any county, city, village, town, school district, board of school directors, sewer district, drainage district, technical college district or any other public or quasi-public corporation, officer, board or other body having the authority to award public contracts (s. 16.70(8), Wis. Stats.).  Federally recognized Indian tribes and bands in this state may participate in cooperative purchasing with the state or any municipality under ss. 66.0301(1) and (2), Wis. Stats."

Examples of public or quasi-public corporations, officers, boards or other bodies having the authority to award public contracts include public housing, redevelopment, and community development authorities, regional planning and transit commissions, public inland lake protection and rehabilitation districts and other such public bodies created or authorized to be created by statute. ​

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