Strategic Planning

​Strategic Planning is important to the Department of Administration​, Division of Enterprise Technology. The Statewide Strategic IT Plan drives our IT investment decisions while aligning them to State and agency goals. Achieving this requires collaboration amongst business, finance, IT, procurement, facilities, and other leaders to create synergies. These connections enhance the State of Wisconsin’s ability to implement strategic and tactical plans.​​

State of Wisconsin Strategic IT Plan - 2022 to 2024

The Wisconsin Statutes 16.971(2)(m) and 36.59(1) require the Department of Administration (DOA) to “formulate and revise biennially a consistent statewide strategic plan for the use and application of information technology.” To craft this statewide plan, we built upon annual strategic IT plans developed and submitted by executive branch agencies. Nearly all executive branch agencies, boards, and commissions, are part of this strategic plan. We also brought together representatives from agencies large and small, including agency chief information officers (CIOs), administrative officers, and deputy secretaries, to develop guiding principles, goals, objectives, and benchmarks that formed the essence of this statewide strategic IT plan.

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State of Wisconsin Strategic IT Plan Quick Reference Guide​​​

The Wisconsin Strategic IT Plan Quick Reference Guide gives a brief overview of the 2022 - 2024 Wisconsin Strategic IT Plan, including guiding principles, goals, objectives, and benchmarks

The Statewide Strategic IT Plan expresses in detail Wisconsin's IT vision, mission, priorities, goals and objectives ​based upon input from various levels of executive branch agency leadership​

​State employees and agency partners can access additional information about the Sta​tewi​de Strategic IT Plan​ on the DETCC website

Wisconsin State Government Facilities and Workforce Vision

DOA's 2030 Vision Strategy​ is to transform state government to be smaller, more efficient, and better aligned to serve the needs of Wisconsinites, which requires investing now in planning, design, and modernization. ​The goals are outlined in this vision strategy.​