DET Mission, Vision, and Culture


DET is committed to being a collaborative and transparent partner focused on enhancing the lives of Wisconsin residents through innovative, secure, and optimal government services.


We embrace the notion of “the Art of What is Possible” focused on digitization, modernization, and efficiencies to drive continuous improvement and service leadership.​


  • Improve State of Wisconsin services by embracing self-service, digital-first, and modern technologies
  • Secure State systems and data by refining strategies to mitigate risk for individuals and other key stakeholders, including operational changes due to unexpected events
  • Modernize state agency legacy data and technology assets to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering government services and operations
  • Adopt practices that strengthen Wisconsin’s State government workforce 


​​​DET has a mission to be a strategic business partner to state agencies, providing the services and knowledge to fulfill their business needs through education and problem-solving in an open and professional manner. By defining our culture, it helps everyone know where the organization is going, and what each person can do every single day in their role to help us get there.

The Art of What is Possible through Supporting Each Other​
  •  Practicing personal wellness
  •  Motivating each other by staying positive, optimistic, and proactive
  •  Treating everyone with kindness and respect
  •  Providing an environment that supports a diverse and inclusive workforce
The Art of What is Possible through Managing the DET Professions​​ 
  • ​Building strong leaders at all levels
  • Developing skills and encouraging accountable leaders
  • Providing opportunities for career and knowledge advancement
​The Art of What is Possible through Keeping our Eyes on the Future
  • Inspiring and leading innovative change
  • Designing once, providing to many
  • Learning from the past and improving the future
The Art of What is Possible through DET Service Leadership​​
  • Encouraging Customer Service and diversity of thought
  • Supporting Customers / Business Partners
  • Finding agreeable solutions for all parties involved​​