Service Catalog

Division of Enterprise (DET) Service Offerings

The Department of Administration's, Division of Enterprise Technology delivers information technology services to meet the business needs of State of Wisconsin government agencies, boards, and commissions. The catalog of services represents a range of IT service offerings that help those organizations enhance their capabilities and operational efficiencies. Service offerings include things like on premise​ and vendor cloud offerings, consultation, oversight, security, mainframe, servers, storage, network, database, print/publishing, telephony, and collaboration and visualization tools.  

All DET services supported come with a base tier of 24x7x365 Service Desk Availability, Monitoring, and specific technical support service hours. Additional service enhancements are available at the customer's request. As with any service, DET also regularly reviews the offering to align them with a service lifecycle map. The alignment allows customers to know which services are in what stage to plan appropriately. See the diagram below for the current lifecycle statuses:

DET Service Lifecycle, with various phases from introductory to sunset

Details regarding each of the DET ​service offerings are available to State of Wisconsin government agencies, boards, and commissions via the Services Catalog​. Anyone else that might be interested in learning more abou​t DET's service offerings will need to contact for more information.

Cl​oud Brokerage

Interested in extending services into the cloud? ​DET can share what they have been doing to broker cloud services and some considerations for alignment with the business, architecture, and security.​ Visit Cloud Brokerage for more information.

Enterprise Contracts

Looking for enterprise contracts and tools that your group can take advantage o​f? The State Bureau of Procurement​ can help with valuable resources, tools, and tips/tricks for best practices. Visit Procurement for more information.