IT Employment Opportunities

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Careers in Information Technology for the State of Wisconsin​

Do you want a career in Information Technology where you can really make a difference? DET is a great place to work and is always looking for creative technical individuals to help us reinvent the way government delivers services!  We offer amazing benefits such as a casual office atmosphere, flexible work schedules, telework options depending on the position’s requirements, ample vacation time, excellent health benefits, and an exceptional employee assistance program that offers a variety of programs and tools to help promote an employee’s wellness and health. ​​

​​Current DET Open Positions

​To find open positons at DET​:

  • Under 'Search by Agency', select 'Dept of Administration'

  • Jobs are noted under the Job category of 'Information Tech & Technicians'

You can log into save this search to receive email notifications when a new position for 'Information Tech and Technicians' is posted.​​

​​DET Internship Program

DET has exciting, paid internship opportunities for students interested in exploring different careers and gaining valuable job experience. We will be looking for interns for 2024. 

DET's program allows students to bring fresh, innovative perspectives to the job while advancing their career goals and skills. Starting in the fall each year, DET begins the hiring process for interns from technical colleges and universities. We​ offer a variety of summer internship opportunities for students who reside in Wisconsin, and in some instances have opportunities for internships throughout the school year. The length of each internship is up to 1040 hours. Inquire about our internship opportunities at

​​Full-time Benefits

Our competitive benefits package features:
  • Substantial leave time including at least 3.5 weeks of vacation to start, 9 paid holidays and ample accrued sick time that rolls over each year.
  • Accumulated Sick Leave which allows retirees to convert unused sick leave into credits to help pay for health insurance premiums.
  •  Disability Benefits to cover the possibility of becoming disabled while working for a WRS employer making you eligible to receive disability benefits that will give you income for the time you are unable to return to work.
  • An Income Continuation Insurance that replaces a portion of your income if you are unable to work because of sickness or injury (both short and long term).
  • Group Life Insurance providing life insurance coverage up to five times your annual earnings and covers death and dismemberment.
  • Well Wisconsin Wellness Program with tools and resources to help set health and well-being goals, track progress, stay motivated, and earn incentives.
  • A free and confidential employee assistance program that offers employees and their immediate family dependents a variety of tools, resources, and professional consultation services to support their health, goals, and overall well-being.

In addition to our generous employee benefits, we strive for inclusivity and celebrate different religious holidays and cultural observances and provide flexibility for utilizing paid time off for such celebrations. ​