DET Rates

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Un​derstanding DET Rates

The Department of Administration, Division of Enterprise Technology is committed to transparency and fairness in all facets of its work, including setting rates for services provided to State of Wisconsin government agencies, boards, and commissions.

What Goes Into a Rate?

New rates are initially developed as a ground up or cost allocation rate builds. This requires estimating costs, defining billable units, and projecting consumption of billable units. The process includes:

  • Estimating costs using standard financial categories, such as staff, support tools, infrastructure, internal consumption, facilities, and licensing.
  • Reporting needs to be developed to track and report billable units.

Rates may then transition into cost pool or annual adjustment models. In this model, DET makes rate adjustments annually based on the financial position of a Line of Business, which includes:

  • Actual and projected expense and revenue are used to determine if a service or Line of Business is over- or under-recovering.​
  • The service rate is then adjusted to achieve and maintain program positions as close to zero as possible.

Rate Sheet

All DET services are listed on the Rate Sheet​s. As new services are added, rates are communicated and added to this list. Non-standard services and DET Service lifecycle which have “Sunset" designation will see increases in the monthly rate as there are additional service charges for those items. 

Supplemental details for State of Wisconsin government agencies, boards, and commissions regarding each of the service rates can be found Here​.

Rate Questions

Anyone having questions about DET's rates should contact for more information.​