Governance Groups

​​​The IT Executive Steering Committee (ITESC)

​​In April 2013, Governor Walker issued Executive Order # 99, establishing the Governor's Information Technology Executive Steering Committee (ITESC).  The ITESC determines enterprise IT and IT procurement strategies, policies, direction, and standards for state agencies.  The committee is responsible for the effective and efficient application of IT assets across state agencies in order to optimize value, create innovation, and provide cost-effective delivery of services to state constituents. The committee establishes enterprise IT strategies, policies, direction and standards and has decision-making authority over other IT governance and advisory groups in the state.

Guiding principles for the IT Executive Steering Committee:

  • Align enterprise IT with business strategy

  • Reduce duplicate and unnecessary IT spending

  • Leverage IT assets: people, process, infrastructure and technology

  • Set IT Strategy and IT Principles to enable business transformation

  • Make wise enterprise IT investments

  • Ensure interoperability and use of common systems to gain efficiencies

  • Leverage Lean principles to eliminate waste

  • Utilize a standard governance framework

  • Provide executive leadership over enterprise business and IT initiatives delegated to the committee


The Wisconsin Information Technology Directors Council (ITDC)

The Information Technology Directors Council (ITDC) provides guidance on matters of IT planning and utilization, examines questions of broad concern and interest among IT managers, and facilitates sharing and cooperation.

The council creates opportunities for IT leaders to come together for the exchange of business, managerial and technical information, and discussion of experiences and ideas that lead toward the general improvement of IT services in Wisconsin state government.

Collaboration Centers

IT Collaboration Centers is a new initiative with agency representatives and will start with the expertise of Document Management and Security. Click here for the whole story on the IT Collaboration Centers.


eGovernment Business Management Team

The eGovernment Business Management Team (EBMT) provides oversight for the state of Wisconsin self-funded portal​ contract with WI Interactive Network (WIN) and advises the ITESC on all issues concerning the portal. Membership includes representation from 10 agencies.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing portal standards and procedures

  • Advising the ITESC and other groups

  • Encouraging agency participation in portal

  • Ensuring diversification of revenue stream and sustainability of portal

  • Identifying, reviewing, approving, and prioritizing projects

  • Reviewing annual business and technology plans and for ITESC approval

  • Reviewing monthly financial and project reporting

  • Escalating policy and fee issues to ITESC