Employment Opportunities in IT

​​Careers in Information Technology for the State of Wisconsin

​​Do you want a career in Information Technology where you can really make a difference? DET is always looking for creative technical individuals to help us reinvent the way government delivers services for 52 state agencies and boards.​ 

Wisconsin is  one of the best locations for IT professionals. According to the Wisconsin Technology Council, Wisconsin has a low costs of living, abundant state parks and natural lands, and diverse industries that all contribute to Wisconsin’s position as an emerging tech center. Also, Brookings Research Center, identified Madison as the top (#1) “up-and-coming” dynamic innovation centers.  

Besides having excellent technology talent and resources in Madison, the area was also recognized as being the 4th best city for quality of life nation-wide (16th overall), according to US News. In addition, Madison has been recognized as being the best city (#1) across a number of different categories, including: 

  • Best Cities for Work Life Balance

  • 20 Best Places to Live and Work Remotely

  • Best College Football Town in America

  • Cities with Best Work-Life Balance

  • Cities Where Women Are the Most Successful

  • Best Places in the U.S. for Raising Children

  • 2021 Top 100 Best Places to Live in America

  • 10 Best Places to Retire in America

  • Most Educated City in Wisconsin

  • Best Food Trucks in America

​As we move forward with teleworking, Wisconsin, especially Madison, is the place to be. Many in the tech sector have their choice of where to live and work. ​

​​Full-time Employment

Find inter​esting jobs, excellent benefits, and many advancement opportunities that allow you to touch the lives of Wisconsin's citizens and i​mprove the state of your career. 

​Positions within DET: ​

  • Web/App Developers​​​
  • Security Analysts
  • Software Architects
  • Server Technicians
  • Mainframe Admins
  • Desktop Support​
  • Project Managers
  • IT Managers

For finding DOA DET IT Jobs:

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​​DET Internship Program

Each year starting in the fall, DET hires interns from technical colleges and four-year universities across the state. Past interns have worked in the areas of Security, Mainframe, Network Management, Policy Development, Business Services, Applications Development, and Project Management. 

We are currently looking for interns for 2022. Opportunities include: Mainframe Technical Support, Network Technician, Security, Client Engineering, Technical Architect, and Communications and Project Management. You can view a full list of Internships here​​. Please send all resumes to DOADETPolicyOffice@wisconsin.gov​.