Contracts & Contacts


Local Services

Contract 505ENT-W12-CENTRXATT-01 (was 20-91579-101)

AT&T CSG (Customer Service Guide) email for current copy. 


PRI/SIP HighCap Circuits:

Contract 505ENT-M11-HICAPATT-01 (was 15-91579-101)


Voice Processing:

Contract 505ENT-M11-VOICEATT-01 (was 15-91593-101)

​​Day to Day Operations (technical questions, procedures, service options/rates): click here to email


Local Services:

Contract 505ENT-M07-COMBVOICCL-01 (was 15-91579-602)

Portal -   CenturyLink (telephone service)

CenturyLink Contacts


PRI/SIP HighCap Circuits:

Contract 505ENT-M11-HICAPCENT-01 (was 15-91579-102)


Voice Processing:

Contract 505ENT-M07-COMBVOICCL-01 (was 15-91593-101)

Contract Administrator (contract/policy issues; escalation of problems): click here to email


Frontier Communications:​

Contract 505ENT-M9-CENTRANET-01 (was 15-91579-90)

Portal – - Frontier (telephone service)

Frontier Contacts



Contract 505ENT-M08-CENTRXSOLA-01 (was 15-91579-901)

Solarus Contacts 


All current locations with LOCAL SERVICES (phone system, long distance, and/or voice mail) available to State of Wisconsin agencies and authorized governmental agencies are listed on the LOCATIONS page.

If feature (telephone) information is available there will be a link to a pdf document by clicking on the location. Voice mail services if available will have links to setup instructions as well. Locations (by city) A - Z

General phone instructions

Local vs ECC - when you don't know what prefix is a local call vs ECC this link will give you a list of local and ECC prefixes to your telephone prefix.