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Enterprise Skype 4B

Enterprise Skype for Business (Skype4B) Service Offering Definition (SOD)

Enterprise Skype for Business (Skype4B) Roles and Responsibilities (RnR)

Cisco Telepresence

In-Room Video Conferencing Service Offering Definition (SOD)

In-Room Video Conferencing Roles and Responsibilities (RnR)

​AT&T Video Meetings with BlueJeans

AT&T BlueJeans Se​rvice


Service Description

There are three service choices when considering video conferencing solutions:

  • Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Cisco Telepresence
  • AT&T BlueJeans

Each of these service offerings has its own strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered for a particular deployment scenario. Additionally, the solutions can sometimes be used in combination with each other to achieve the best possible service fit. Agencies should consult with Division of Enterprise Technology (DET) subject matter experts to determine which solution, or combination of solutions will be optimal.  Some of the inputs into choosing the right service are:

  • Location of video conferencing participants
  • Room size and setup
  • Conference format
  • Equipment costs
  • Service costs and billing model
  • Conference recording requirements
  • Ease of use
  • Participant makeup (State employee, local government, citizen, partner)
  • Outside participant technology platform considerations


Please see the DET Rate Sheet for complete rate information.

How to Request

 For more information please contact the Wisconsin Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at 608-264-9383.