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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enterprise AT&T Hosted ​Skype for Business (Unified Communications)

SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (Skype4B) is a Unified Communications (UC) service that connects people everywhere - on Windows as well as other operating systems and platforms, including most mobile devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. It provides a consistent, single-client experience for Presence, Instant Messaging, User-to-User Voice and Video, as well as a great meeting experience. Skype for Business also delivers seamless and secure integration with other Microsoft collaboration products such as Outlook, SharePoint and Office applications.

There will be four AT&T Hosted Skype for Business service offerings available to the Agencies:

  • Basic – IP Handset - Dialtone only for Common Area Phone (CAP)
  • Basic+ - IP Handset – CAP profile with dialtone and XMedius Voicemail (No UM)
  • Enhanced – IP soft client or handset with full S4B functionality utilizing O365 Cloud Voicemail
  • Enhanced+ IP soft client or handset with full S4B functionality utilizing XMedius Voicemail (No​ UM)

All the AT&T Hosted Skype for Business profile service (ATTUCS-WI) options include Enterprise Voice (SIP/VoIP) capabilities that will be the replacement for our current Enterprise Centrex Telephony service and current AT&T Hosted Skype for Business service (ATTUCS/Atlas). The Agencies can choose which option they would like each of their users set up on, but if the user requires Voicemail only with no Unified Messaging (UM = voicemail to email), they must choose one of the XMedius voicemail profile service options. The AT&T Hosted Skype4B Profile services includes the ability to set up Skype4B Meetings with Dial-in access numbers.​


DOA​ has provided training to assist with all your Skype for Business questions, such as audio set-up, making calls, and creating meetings. Click here to learn more about Skype for business. 


For recommended devices for use with Enterprise Skype For Business, please see the R​ecommended Devices List. 

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If you are interested in the Unified Communications services DET offers, please follow your agencies process​. For questions about Skype for Business, please contact Matt Michel​ at