MyWisconsin ID Account Management

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​​Below is a step-by-step process for managing your MyWisconsin ID account, for detailed information on managing your ​account go to MyWisconsin ID Account Management Quick Reference Guide.

To manage your MyWisconsin ID account, go to https://ap​, and sign in.  ​

                        My Wisconsin ID Sign In Screen


You will now be logged into the UserHome page.

My Wisconsin ID User Home Page Screen

To perform account management functions such as changing your password, updating account info, or changing/updating Multi-Factor Authentication methods, select your account name in the upper right, and select Settings.

                               My Wisconsin ID Okta Test Account Screen

On the Account page, you can select Edit Profile to update your account information.

My Wisconsin ID Account Page with Edit Profile button

After selecting Edit Profile, you will be prompted for one of your Multi-Factor Authentication methods.  After successfully completing the Multi-Factor Authentication verification, you will be presented with options to change password, update secondary email or mobile phone, or change your Multi-Factor Authentication methods.

My Wisconsin ID Account  Screen Multi Factor section

To change your password, enter your Current Password, New Password, Confirm New Password, and select Change Password.

                               My Wisconsin ID Change Password Screen ​

To update your Personal Information, select Edit​

                                  My Wisconsin ID Personal Information Screen

Enter the information you would like to update, and select Save​

                                 My Wisconsin ID Personal Information Save button Screen 

To update your Multi-Factor Authentication methods, select Set Up to configure additional Multi-Factor authentication methods

                                 ​My Wisconsin ID Security Methods configure Screen

For additional questions on self-registration, please visit our FAQ page.​​