MyWisconsin ID

The State of Wisconsin is moving toward a single personal account for each citizen to secure private access to participating Wisconsin government resources.

Every citizen will benefit from the advanced ID security used to access any State of Wisconsin applications. With one ID, your personalized​ email-based ID, your access to multiple​ a​pplications will be streamlined with a single sign-​on solution where available. Your new MyWisconsin ID account will replace multiple state logon processes. It also saves​ each citizen in having to remember numerous IDs and passwords with each individual interaction within the state. However, the migration of the applications that utilize the MyWisconsin ID​ will happen over the next four years. Until the applications have been migrated to the new MyWisconsin ID, you may need to use the old login process. ​

New Applications Using MyWisconsin ID

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Step-by-step process to register for a new MyWisconsin ID account.

​​Manage Your Account​​

Step-by-step process for managing your MyWisconsin ID account. For detailed information on managing your ​account go to MyWisconsin ID Account Management Quick Reference Guide.​

Step-by-step process for unlocking your MyWisconsin ID account.

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​Step-by-step process for changing your MyWisconsin ID password.​


Password Recovery

Step-by-step process for recovering your MyWisconsin ID password.

The purpose of this page is to provide a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to MyWisconsin ID. The resources cover general ID FAQs as well as common ID products such as Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs.​