MyWisconsin ID Password Recovery

State of WIsconsin My Wisconsin ID  LogoMyWisconsin ID Password Recovery​

Below is a step-by-step process for recovering your MyWisconsin ID password. For full detailed information on managing your ​account go to MyWisconsin ID Account Management Quick Reference Guide.

​​How to initiate password recovery for a MyWisconsin ID account using email:

1) User Needs to Recover Password

From the MyWisconsin ID sign-in page, enter your MyWisconsin ID username and select “Next”​.

                               My Wisconsin ID Sign In Screen 

2) Initiate Password Reset

​​Select the “Forgot Password?” link​.

                               My Wisconsin ID Verify Password Screen 

3) Email Sent for Password Reset

Click “Select” on the “Email” option​. Check your email for the Reset Password link and code.

                               My Wisconsin ID Reset your Password Screen 

4) Password Reset Options

An email will be sent with a link and a code​. You will have two options for recovering your password: clicking a link provided in the email or entering a code provided in the email.​

                               My Wisconsin ID Verify with your email Screen 

5) Email Received

Email received with the password reset link and code. Click the “Reset MyWisconsin ID Password” button in the email and Go To Step 6  OR To use a code, Go To Step 7.


6) Verify Sign-in Notification (Link)

Select “Yes, it’s me”. Select the “Yes, it’s me” button. Go To Step 8.

                                   My Wisconsin ID Did you just try to sign in Screen 

7) Verify Sign-in Notification (Code)

Enter code provided in email. Select “Enter a code from email instead” in Step 4. Enter the code provided in the email and click the “Verify” button​.


8) Complete MFA Verification

Pick one of your enrolled MFA methods and click “Select”. To change your password, you will need to complete an MFA verification. Select one of your MFA methods and complete the MFA verification.

                                   My Wisconsin ID Verify it's you with a security method Screen 

9) Enter New Password

Enter and verify your new password and click the “Reset Password” button. Enter a new password in the “New password” and “Re-enter password” boxes, and click the “Reset Password” button.

                                  My Wisconsin ID Reset your Password Screen 

10) Password Change Confirmation

You will receive confirmation that your password has been updated. You have now successfully updated your password​.

                         My Wisconsin ID password change confirmation Screen

For additional questions on self-registration, please visit our FAQ​ page.​