MyWisconsin ID Unlock Account

​​​State of Wisconsin My Wisconsin ID LogoUnlock your MyWisconsin ID Account​

​Below is a step-by-step process for unlocking your MyWisconsin ID account. For detailed information on managing your ​account go to MyWisconsin ID Account Management Quick Reference Guide.

​How to unlock your MyWisconsin ID account using email:

​​1) User Needs to Unlock Account. 

From the sign-in page, select “Unlock account?” link. To unlock your account, click the “Unlock account?” link​.

                                My Wisconsin ID Sign In Screen

2) Initiate Account Unlock (Email)

Enter your MyWisconsin ID username and click “Select” on the “Email” option. Enter your MyWisconsin ID username. Click “Select” on the Email option.

                             My Wisconsin ID Unlock account Screen

3) Account Unlocked Notification

Email sent notification on the screen. Check your email for the Unlock Account link​.

                               My Wisconsin ID Verify with your email Screen 

4) Email Received

Email received with the unlock link. Click the “Unlock MyWisconsin ID Account” button in the email​.

                         My Wisconsin ID Account Unlock Requested Screen 

5) Verify Sign-in Notification

Select “Yes, it’s me”. Select the “Yes, it’s me” button​.

                                My Wisconsin ID Did you just try to sign in Screen 

6) Complete MFA Verification

You will be directed to complete MFA verification to complete your account unlock. A new window will open to complete a MFA verification​.

                                   My Wisconsin ID Sucess Return to the original tab or window Screen 

7) Complete MFA Verification

Pick one of your enrolled MFA methods and click “Select”. To unlock your account, you will need to complete an MFA verification.  Select one of your MFA methods and complete the MFA verification​.

                                 My Wisconsin ID verify it's you with a security method Screen 

8) Account Unlock Verification

You will receive confirmed that your account has been unlocked. ​You have now successfully unlocked your account​.

                              ​My Wisconsin ID account successfully unlocked Screen

For additional questions on self-registration, please visit our FA​Q page.​​