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Centrex/Local Services​​

Voicemail Information:


Microsoft Teams​

Conferencing ​


  • AT&T Me​et Me​ up to 30 people

  • AT&T Zoom Video Information​ - 
    Effective 12/15/2024, AT&T will discontinue Zoom services. What you need to know:
    No contract renewals effective November 15, 2023 – WI State Voice Contract that Zoom is under expires April 30, 2025Zoom licenses can still be added if needed until we get closer to middle/end of next year 2024, when AT&T is thinking new licenses will be restricted as well. Zoom Services with AT&T will discontinue December 15, 2024.
  • ZOOM - We are recommending current users transition from Zoom (Free) to Skype or MS Teams or Zoom pay plan. 

  • Blue Jeans Video Information - Service for customers purchasing BlueJeans service under your agreement will be terminated on 12/31/2023. Customers can terminate service sooner by accessing their account in My Business​, and making the service change there at any time, or by calling Customer Support at 800-922-0204. Customers purchas​ing Bluejeans will receive a follow up communication with information on alternative meeting options, where applicable.​​