WI Domain Service Request


Obtaining a Trusted Domain for Your Municipality or County 

Wisconsin.gov, Wi.gov, or .gov domain names 

Wisconsin governmental jurisdictions may use either a Wisconsin.gov or Wi.gov domain from the Department of Administration, or a .gov domain from the Federal Government. Whether or not you choose a Wisconsin domain may depend on how your organization wants to be seen by​ the public.   

To request a Wisconsin domain, fill out the two documents linked below and email them to esdhelp@wisconsin.gov. 

WI Domain Resources

WI DNS Request Technical Form:

WI Domain Request Authorization Letter Template:​

The Wisconsin Elections Commission Domain Registration Guide has terms defined, an explaination of the different procedures to obtain either a .gov or a wi.gov email domain, and answers to frequently asked questions. 


The .gov domain is administered at the federal level, which can be accessed from this link: ​Get.gov ​

WI Domain Request FAQ

Q1: When should I follow DET's instructions instead of the DotGov registration process?
A1: CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, sponsors the .gov top-level domain at the federal level, and DET administers the wi.gov and wisconsin.gov domains at the state level. If you want wi.gov or wisconsin.gov to be part of your organization's domain name, follow the DET process available here.


  • www.townofexample.wisconsin.gov
  • www.co.example.wi.gov

If you qualify for a different .gov name and do not want to include wi.gov or wisconsin.gov in the positions shown above, follow the DotGov process.

Q2: Who is eligible to request a wi.gov or wisconsin.gov domain?
A2: Eligibility is determined by DET and informed by the DotGov requirements and the US Census Bureau's criteria for classifying governments.

Eligible organizations include:

  • Any state or local government entity or other publicly controlled entity
  • Any tribal government recognized by the State of Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin school district governments recognized by the US Census Bureau

Q3: Are there any naming standards to follow?
Q3: Yes, DET uses the following naming conventions:

  • County
    • co.<name of county>.wi.gov or co.<name of county>.wisconsin.gov
    • <name of county>county.wi.gov or <name of county>.wisconsin.gov
  • City
    • ci.<name of city>.wi.gov or ci.<name of city>.wisconsin.gov
    • cityof<name of city>.wi.gov or cityof<name of city>.wisconsin.gov
  • Town
    • tn.<name of town>.wi.gov or tn.<name of town>.wisconsin.gov
    • townof<name of town>.wi.gov or townof<name of town>.wisconsin.gov
  • Village
    • vi.<name of village>.wi.gov or vi.<name of village>.wisconsin.gov
    • villageof<name of village>.wi.gov or villageof<name of village>.wisconsin.gov

Additionally, tribal domains may include the suffix -nsn, for native sovereign nation, if desired. If you have questions about formatting or need to request an exception to the standard, email ESDhelp@wi.gov. Exception requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Q4: Is there a cost for registering a wi.gov or wisconsin.gov domain name?
Q4: No, there is no cost associated with this service.

Q5: Who is my authorizing authority and able to sign the authorization letter?
A5: Eligibility is attested through a letter signed by your “authorizing authority." The title of the official fulfilling this role varies, but it is usually the chief information officer (CIO), the highest-ranking executive or the highest elected official, mayor, or chair of the county commission. DET has been accepting letters signed by county clerks as well. DET reviews the letter, may review or request founding documentation (such as legislation, a charter, or applicable bylaws), and may review or request additional records to verify the authorizing authority's claim that they are affiliated with a Wisconsin-based government organization. Additional governmental and commercial data sources may be used to establish the authenticity of the request and verify the information shared in the letter.

Q6: Do I have to renew my wi.gov or wisconsin.gov domain?
A6: No, annual renewals are automatically processed by DET.​

Q7: Where do I find my IP address?

A7: The IP address and DNS record information needed to complete an email or website setup are provided by your email or website hosting provider.

Q8: I don't have IT support. Where can I get assistance? ​​

A8: Jurisdictions must obtain their own IT support for transitioning to a wi.gov or wisconsin.gov domain. Some municipalities have enlisted the ​assistance of IT consultants in obtaining the DNS records necessary for establishing a Wisconsin domain. Other municipalities have done it unassisted or utilized IT staff within their own organizations. DET cannot provide technical support regarding the transition. DET is also not affiliated with any IT consulting companies and cannot endorse or recommend any specific company.  ​​