Lumen and Brightspeed More Information

Contract 505ENT-M11-CONFRSERVC-01 (was 15-91577-101)

This contract covers:

  • Domestic Long Distance, Toll Free and Directory Assistance Services
  • International Long Distance and Toll Free Services
  • Long Distance Access T1 Circuits
  • Voice/Web Conferencing Services
  • Calling Cards

Contract Administrator: Email Administrator
Vendor Contacts and Procedures

Dialing Instructions:

  • From a Centrex Message Center - Dial a common access code, usually 8, then 1 and the ten digit number.  Exceptions to this are Waukesha (dial 7) and Milwaukee Wright Concord (dial 5).  If this doesn't work for any reason, dial 9+1 and the ten digit number and report the problem to your agency/campus Telecom Manager.
  • From other non-Centrex Message Centers - Dial 9+1 and the ten digit number.
  • From a measured business line - Dial 1 plus the ten digit number.
  • From a PBX or Key System - This varies by system. Your agency/campus Telecom Manager will be able to provide dialing instructions. 

Personal use of State-Funded Long Distance:

State Funded Long Distance intended for governmental use.  Personal use is prohibited and may be cause for disciplinary action.